Monday, July 29, 2013

I am the breeze

I touch
I feel
I am
I roam
Like freedom that you long
Like dignity that you cling
Like pride you hold
I am the breeze
Don’t let pass me by
For I am the breeze
I feel your pain
I hear your cry
I have come from far
Now I come to you
I am the breeze
I am here now
For deliverance
For redemption
For liberation
For all the tears
For hope
I am the breeze
I will set you free
For I am the breeze
I am the breeze
The breeze

July 1, 2007

The balaclava man

Took the heart and the mind
Stirred the soul
Mercy! Mercy!
The soul belongs elsewhere
Though I don’t know where

Stood ten men put together
Gave strength
which was asleep for too long
Restored dreams and desires

Loves many I was told
But it does not discourage me
I must believe what I instill
‘If you truly wish for something
It comes to you somehow’

I don’t know how
But it sure will be a moment
Of flesh and blood
Of the unending hope

Not for any earthly desire
Not for lust
Not for love
A journey I will make
To meet the dream

The balaclava man

30 June 07

The Dust

The dust!
For you
'we sacrifice' they say
and they kill in our names
For your future
'we stand' they say
But they don't want to listen
to our voices
When we speak our minds
They say we are too difficult
Never give up they say
But they don't teach us hope
They have shut their eyes
their ears too
We plead 'talk'
They leave us bleeding
They talk of the historical and political truths
We know it too
Brother it is not that speck of dust in your brothers' eye
It is the plank in yours! 

15 Jan 2008

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Freedom to do what we want, the way we like, freedom to live a life and make a movie the way we want but...enjoying..sharing, laughing, living

the lesson

Everyday is a learning day. We learn and we grow to become beautiful beings. We create, we make, we change, we live.........